Richard C. Rollins is a prominent tax attorney and accountant with offices located in suburban Detroit, Michigan and Los Angeles, California.  Richard C. Rollins is a former IRS agent and IRS attorney. Richard C. Rollins is a high profile tax and business lawyer and accountant specializing in tax returns and solving problems for clients.  Mr. Rollins handles over 2,500 tax returns nationally with the same dedication whether the client is a multi-millionaire, middle income, or of modest income individual. With dedication to personal service, Richard C. Rollins provides each and every client a commitment to excellence and the results desired. Because each matter presents a unique set of facts and circumstances Richard C. Rollins first consults with the client to determine the client's needs; the relevant facts; and the range of options available to obtain the best possible outcome. Only then is a strategy formulated to achieve the goals set. Most of Richard Rollins' clients have come from client referrals.

Unlike large law and accounting firms where work often funnels down to inexperienced associates, Richard C. Rollins is personally involved in every client matter and handles them himself. This means that regardless of complexity, your case will be handled by Richard and will benefit from his 3 decades of tax and accounting experience and exceptional judgment. In addition to handling each and every case himself, Richard C. Rollins is dedicated to delivering the highest quality tax and legal services swiftly and at reasonable cost.

Richard C. Rollins, with his extensive expertise developed during 30 years of practice in the area of tax returns and tax law, he has the proven ability to provide uncompromised tax and legal services. With expertise in every phase of tax work, Richard has earned a reputation for consistently achieving excellent results for his clients. Richard has been voted Top Tax Accountant in Michigan for seven of the last nine years, including 2008.

Richard earned a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration B.B.A., a Juris Doctorate J.D., and a Master of Taxation LLM.  He has been admitted to the State Bar of Michigan and the District of Columbia.  Richard Rollins began his legal career as a IRS agent for the United States Government.  He spent 4 years as a IRS agent and IRS Attorney in Michigan, and at the National Office of the IRS in Washington D.C.  He is also an expert in tax preparation for over 1,800 clients around the country and the globe.  Richard also has experience and expertise in preparing tax returns for tax clients residing overseas including Germany, Sweden, Russia and China.  He also deals in the law concerning corporations and partnerships, and franchises. Richard Rollins has successfully argued issues before the Tax Court.

After 4 successful years in public service with the Internal Revenue Service, in 1980, Richard Rollins turned his attention to the Private Sector and opened his tax practice limiting his practice to tax and business matters.  Throughout the past three decades Richard has helped his clients obtain favorable results relating to a wide and myriad range of tax matters.

Since establishing his tax practice, Richard has seen his practice constantly grow.  He currently represents over 2,075 clients. The growth of the practice has not changed Richard's commitment to prompt personal service and dedication to every client. An uncompromised work ethic and a vast knowledge of substantive and procedural tax matters has led to the success of Richard's practice and satisfied individuals. While making himself available to current and prospective clients at their convenience, Richard continues to prove his dedication to his practice and to the law.

Richard has represented high profile individuals, while continuing to win cases for smaller, yet equally important clients. The size and resources of the opposition never intimidate Richard Rollins. He has had success  in countless tax matters and  has negotiated countless settlements that obtained favorable results while avoiding the costs and risks attendant to trial. Moreover, Richard knows that a case cannot be settled for the best possible amount if you are not prepared, and capable, to try the case. Richard Rollins takes pride in giving the same intensity to cases involving modest amounts because every clients matter merits that effort.